Kaare H. Jensen

Assistant Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Technical University of Denmark
Fysikvej 309
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark


I am interested in understanding the mathematical and physical principles that govern transport in biological systems. My current research focus is on building models and experiments that help us understand design principles governing sugar transport in plants.


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Research interests Biophysical plant biology, fluid dynamics, microfluidic lab-on-a-chip experiments, osmosis, cytoplasmic streaming.

03/2014-Present Assistant Professor Technical University of Denmark, Department of Physics
02/2012-02/2014 Postdoc Harvard University (N. Michele Holbrook,David A. Weitz,MRSEC)
01/2011-01/2012 Postdoc Technical University of Denmark (Tomas Bohr)
03/2011 PhD Technical University of Denmark (Henrik Bruus)
06/2007 MSc University of Copenhagen (Tomas Bohr)
06/2005 BSc University of Copenhagen (Tomas Bohr)

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Erdös number: 5


Peer reviewed publications


These publications are provided to the academic community for use in teaching and research. All copyrights remain with the appropriate parties as listed in the publications themselves.

  1. Pico gauges for minimally invasive intracellular hydrostatic pressure measurements J. Knoblauch, D. L. Mullendore, K. H. Jensen, and M. Knoblauch. Plant Physiology (In press 2014)
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  3. Measurement of Flow Velocity and Inference of Liquid Viscosity in a Microfluidic Channel by Fluorescence Photobleaching K. H. Jensen, N. Carroll, S. Parsa, M. Holbrook, and D. A. Weitz. Langmuir 30 (16), 4868–4874 (2014) (pdf,journal)
  4. Efficiency of osmotic pipe flows K. H. Jensen, L. S. Haaning, C. Hélix-Nielsen, K. Berg-Sørensen, T. Bohr. Physical Review E 87, 053019 (2013) (pdf,journal)
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  12. Optimality of the Münch mechanism for translocation of sugars in plants K. H. Jensen, J. Lee, T. Bohr, H. Bruus, N. M. Holbrook, and M. A. Zwieniecki.  Journal of the Royal Society Interface 8, 1155-1165 (2011).(pdf,journal)
  13. Self-consistent unstirred layers in osmotically driven flows K. H. Jensen, T. Bohr, and H. Bruus. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 662, 197-208 (2010). (pdf,journal)
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PhD thesis

  1. Osmotically driven flows in microfluidic systems and their relation to sugar transport in plants K. H. Jensen, Technical University of Denmark. Advisors: Henrik Bruus and Tomas Bohr (2011). (pdf)

Popular science

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